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Can go to Cuba?

According to OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) certain individuals or groups can visit Cuba under either a specific or a general license. Some examples of a specific licenses include people-to-people programs, academic programs and athletic competitions. General licenses include family visits, accredited journalists and religious activities. Cuba Travel Services Inc. is licensed by the US Department of the Treasury to assist qualifying (licensed) individuals and groups with their travel arrangements to Cuba.

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Popular Destinations
Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
The History of Santiago de Cuba

The singular beauty of Santiago’s landscapes, the nearby sea and mountains, the lively atmosphere, and its friendly inhabitants are characteristics which distinguish the city and make it a desirable destination for events and tourism. Read More>>

Popular Destinations
Havana, Cuba
The History of Havanna

Although the city is the smallest of the Cuban provinces, it is by far the most populated. The blend between African and Spanish footprints makes it one of the most unique cities in Latin America. The city is rich in culture, history and tradition. Read More>>

Popular Destinations
Pinar del Rio, Cuba
The History of Pinar del Rio

Known as the land that produces the world’s best tobacco, Pinar del Rio offers a landscape of unusual and incomparable beauty, from the highest mountains to the sea floor. This region is characterized by its valleys, mountains, caves, rivers, cliffs and fertile land. Read More>>

Popular Destinations
Cienfuegos, Cuba
The History of Cienfuegos

Nicknamed the Pearl of the South after its magnificent bay, Cienfuegos is considered to be the architechtural jewel of the nineteenth century. The city was founded in 1819 by French settlers. The city’s ports are bathed by the Caribbean Sea and a beautiful bay. Read More>>

Popular Destinations
Camaguey, Cuba
The History of Camaguey

Camaguey is the biggest province in the country, with more than 14 thousand square kilometers, its geography is characterize for extensive plain, which makes the province an ideal place to cultivate sugar cane, and shepherd a great number of cattle. Read More>>

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