Moments Captured

Today I was reading about National Geographic’s Photography Exhibition, which is currently being held in Old Havana. For those of you who’ve been, it’s easy to understand why this would make sense as Cuba is to photographers what a candy store is to a child.

As I was thinking about and viewing the top 50 photographs rated by National Geographic I realized how lucky one must be to capture the perfect moment – one that compels action, creates emotion and it’s universally understood and felt. I’m not suggesting luck is all a person needs because talent is also a huge factor, but it’s not always up to the photographer to capture that magic that can only be captured in that very moment, in that very place, in that very specific instant.

For example, one of my favorite images is titled “Lion Profile” and it was submitted by photographer Boza Ivanovic. Although, lions are already a magnificent creature, the photograph really captures a very deep expression on the lion’s face. There’s almost something human about it and it’s the type of image that can make you cry because it’s so beautiful.

Tools today have tried to make everyone a photographer and the truth is that there are some pretty inspiring images that even my 10 year old cousins take. However, one must be very fortunate still to capture not an image but a moment. Although I envy those that can capture these moments, I am also thankful because they are able to share them with the world in the first place.