Statement In Response to the U.S. State Department Travel Advisory.

The U.S State Department issued a Cuba Travel Warning today as a result of some unidentified attacks against numerous U.S. Embassy employees. The alleged attacks appear to be isolated to specific residences and locations domiciled by individual employees of the U.S. Embassy. The U.S. Embassy in Havana remains open and services to U.S. Citizens are still being provided.

Cuba Travel Services facilitates travel for thousands of Americans each year and is not aware of any traveler that has been affected by these events. Our select hotel partners have no knowledge of any such attacks taking place on their properties.

Travel to Cuba has not changed and visas are still being issued as normal. The U.S. Government travel policy to Cuba remains unchanged and we are confident these very isolated issues will be resolved soon.

For additional information about travel to Cuba, please contact us at
or at 1-800-963-2822.