Hotel Cayo Levisa

The Cayo Levisa Hotel is located on the northern keys off Cuba’s westernmost province, Pinar del Río, on Los Colorados Archipelago. Vacationers access the hotel from the Palma Rubia pier, after a 30-minute boat ride. The hotel benefits from a three-kilometer beach strip and 23 diving sites, so it is an excellent place for scuba diving and snorkeling. The establishment is surrounded by a beautiful pristine environment on an islet that is considered a true paradise for those who love nature and nautical sports.

Hotel Mirador

The hotel is located in a tranquil and reassuring ambiance surrounded by vast and varied wildlife and close to the mineral-medicinal water health resort of San Diego de los Baños. Visitors have access to a variety of options from the hotel. Especially inviting are the visits to Cueva de los Portales, or Portales Cave, mineral water health resort, the Viñales Valley, Soroa, the city of Pinar del Río and Las Terrazas tourist complex. Trekking enthusiasts will have all they need to watch the local flora and fauna in the company of specialized guides

Los Jazmines Hotel

Los Jazmines Hotel, in Pinar del Río, Cuba’s westernmost province, overlooks the famous Viñales Valley, providing one of the most beautiful views of the region. The establishment, characterized by the exuberant vegetation that surrounds it, features a beautiful architectural design that allows guests to enjoy a landscape that many describe as unrepeatable. Several trails cross the fields surrounding the hotel. The area’s rich flora and fauna turn the valley into a temptation for ecotourism lovers, who can enjoy several tours that will allow them to watch a wide range of animal and plant species.

Hotel La Ermita

A view of valle de Viñales. The area is surrounded by tobacco fields and facilities for curing the leaves of the plant. Must-see attractions include the Prehistoric Mural as well as the Palmarito and Ancón valleys. The hotel is equipped with all the comfort required for relaxation after a day out exploring the natural landscape.

Hotel Moka

The Moka Hotel, located in “Las Terrazas” Tourist Complex, is at a 45-minute drive from Havana and is considered the most exciting experience at the reach of foreign nature lovers. Built on a hill in the San Juan Valley, the establishment has become the perfect place to rest after long guided journeys on trails and mountains, an option that is provided at the hotel. Departing from the hotel, guests can visit the Buenavista coffee farm and take long walks on La Serafina, Las Delicias, El Terracero and El Taburete trails, and take a dive into the crystal-clear waters of the San Juan and the Bayate rivers