Make it a Cuban Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving Day is tomorrow and although it’s not celebrated in Cuba, it has become a tradition for many Cuban Americans in the US. Cuban or not, chances are your plans include cooking a Thanksgiving meal and rather than doing the same thing you did last year why not add a little Cuban spice and flavor? […]

Alumni vs. Student- Who’s Better Off?

When I tell people what I do and where I work (Cuba Travel Services) their first response is “Wow, I didn’t think people from the US were allowed to go to Cuba!” Most people don’t even think it can be done, but like many questions the answer is often “it depends”. On what? Well, it […]

My Favorite Things-In Cuba

When I was little I always enjoyed taking famous songs and adding my own lyrics. I would change them so that they would relate to what I was experiencing at the moment. My family always found it amusing so I figured you might too (although I am a bit out of practice!) If you plan […]

Moments Captured

Today I was reading about National Geographic’s Photography Exhibition, which is currently being held in Old Havana. For those of you who’ve been, it’s easy to understand why this would make sense as Cuba is to photographers what a candy store is to a child. As I was thinking about and viewing the top 50 […]


Did you know that exactly 91 years ago today the “Queen of Salsa”, Celia Cruz was born in Havana, Cuba? Her voice, enthusiasm and passion for music continue to inspire millions around the world. Happy Birthday Celia, you will always be remembered!

Meat Lovers Love Cuban Food

All meat lovers rejoice at the sight of a Cuban sandwich. Why? Because it has pretty much every type of meat you can imagine-boiled ham, turkey, roast pork and salami. In other words, you can’t go wrong. Ingredients such as pickles, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, bell peppers, mayo and mustard are also included but are mostly […]

My First Visit To Cuba

My arrival to the Havana Airport in Cuba was an experience I will never forget. I had both positive and negative thoughts running through my head. Not knowing what to expect when entering the country was nerve wrecking. As the plane landed all the passengers began to clap and cheer. The fact that all the […]

Cuba Travel Tips

OFAC LICENSING/WHO CAN TRAVEL TO CUBA There are two authorized licensed travel categories according to OFAC, General and Specific. Depending on the reason for the visit the traveler may need to seek a specific license from the U.S. government, or OFAC, before they travel to Cuba. Travelers whose trips fall under certain travel categories do […]