Cuba Travel Tips

OFAC LICENSING/WHO CAN TRAVEL TO CUBA There are two authorized licensed travel categories according to OFAC, General and Specific. Depending on the reason for the visit the traveler may need to seek a specific license from the U.S. government, or OFAC, before they travel to Cuba. Travelers whose trips fall under certain travel categories do […]

People-To-People Travel to Cuba

What exactly is a People-to-People license? Well, as many of you already know, in order to travel to Cuba from the US an individual must have a license to go. Licenses are either general or specific. People to people licenses fall under the specific category. This means that certain parameters need to be meet in […]

Traveling To Cuba? What You Need To Know

1. All visitors must hold a valid passport in their name with a corresponding travel visa or travel card. 2. The following are exempt from taxes: objects for personal use, personal jewelry, photographic or video cameras, sports items, fishing tackle, 2 bottles of spirits, one carton of cigarettes, and up to 10 kilos of medications. […]

Top Destinations in Cuba

Cuba is a unique destination to visit. If you are planning your next trip, here are the top destinations in Cuba. Explore the Beauties of Havana Havana is the soul of the country The city remains the most charming city not only in Cuba, but also in the Caribbean. Several factors make Havana the dream […]

Where the locals go…

Six places to visit when in Cuba to avoid the tourist crowds. Salon Rosado de La Tropical: A perfect place to enjoy the nightlife outdoors, this large and open-air venue is popular among the young and hip crowd. Locals gather to listen to the newest and up and coming musicians of Havana. It’s also a […]